Bubble Ball Soccer


PrintOne of the hottest games today, Nashville Bubble Ball provides a safe and entertaining way to play  soccer!

Each player is secured in a safe, inflatable clear bubble with only legs exposed. Just like in traditional soccer, you will help your team bouncy, roll, block and kick the ball through the goal for a score.

The game can be played in any grass or hard surface such as gym and all purpose rooms or turf fields. Soccer is just one of the games you can play with these bubble balls! There are many other games that can be played during your bubble ball event. Bubble Ball is great indoors or outdoors. You provide the location and they come to you!

We are very excited to have Nashville Bubble Ball join us at the 2017 General Motors Spring Hill Pay It Forward Festival! be sure you stop by their fun station and learn more about this funtastic game!

Nashville Bubble Ball
Tyler Holt
Website: http://bubbleballnashville.com