The Children’s Academy

childrens-academyThe Children’s Academy believes the years between infancy and kindergarten are the foundations of a lifetime of successful learning. Research shows that most of the brain’s actual physical growth occurs during the first two years of life and children learn best through play and “hands on” experiences in an environment rich with learning opportunities.

Safety is their first priority for each child, family and faculty member and guests. They provide a secure, loving Christian environment that exceeds expectations.

Their daily focus is the educational, emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development of each child. In addition, the love of reading is a foundation for lifelong learners. In their schools, all children are read to daily – including infants!

We are so excited The Children’s Academy is a sponsor of the 2017 General Motors Spring Hill Pay It Forward Festival and we appreciate their support and all they do to Pay It Forward to our community!

The Children’s Academy
1002 Secluded Ln
Spring Hill, Tennessee, TN 37174
(615) 302-0950